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October Newsletter

September was a ridiculously busy month back on the road. I was fortunate enough to go to San Francisco and play a private party in Mr S Leather’s Fetish Factory. The party was hosted by UK legend Linden C, and was a pre cursor to the opening of his new club, The Beat Box. Opening next year. Straight off the back of this I travelled to Johannesburg for the South African launch of the iPhone 4. Then straight back for the opening of my 5th of residency at the now legendary Moxa in Mantova, Italy. It was a really magical night actually.
This month sees the release of my new guise, Lukatron. The first single will be out on Quintessentials later this month and will be part of a primitive series. I wanted to return to the basic way of making dance music. Raw grooves using samples and primitive analogue methods.
This month will also see the promo of the re- release of my album on Rekids. The Difference Engine Redux features all the album tracks as individual records, and includes new versions of those that were featured. The album was only ever released as a continuous mix, so this will we be one for the DJ’s too.
I will be returning to Moxa this month with Derrick Carter and will also be back at Back 2 Basics for the first time in an age. Can’t wait!
Waiting on confirmation for a special party to coincide with album release, watch this space and save the date London Nov 5th

Archived DJ mixes from the last 15 years or so…

Here goes nothing.

(Disclaimer: Excuse the tape wobble, the hiss and the occasional train wreck. It’s the thought that counts)

Luke Solomon Home mix 1993 Vol 1. files.me.com/lukesolomon/s32fct.mp3

Luke Solomon Girls FM Jan 1995 Part 1 files.me.com/lukesolomon/wkd5in.mp3

Luke Solomon Girls FM Jan 1995 Part 2 files.me.com/lukesolomon/qejru0.mp3

Luke Solomon “Stop On By” Shop mix 1993 files.me.com/lukesolomon/g823xv.mp3

Luke Solomon Live mix March 1994 Part 1 files.me.com/lukesolomon/hbplw7.mp3

Luke Solomon Live Mix March 1994 Part 2 files.me.com/lukesolomon/yifb46.mp3

Femi B Live at Space Bar Rumba files.me.com/lukesolomon/gyjlig.mp3

Luke Solomon at Space Bar Rumba  files.me.com/lukesolomon/mlihn8.mp3

Luke Solomon Shop Mix Oct 1994 files.me.com/lukesolomon/3c8ghv.mp3

Luke Solomon odd eclectic bar rumba warm up mix files.me.com/lukesolomon/tugzml.mp3

(NB: I don’t have tracklists as I was pretty much high for the entire decade. So feel free to post them for me.)