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I am Pastyicus……

Hi Peepers…

another week another pasty.

This week I have been mostly hanging with Ninjas and recovering from a killer weekend in Italy and Norway.  My set from Jaeger in Oslo is here…


following my vinyl only release on EAR, here comes part two with remixes from Ashley Beedle and Neghead


And finally our new Freaks record is out on Rebirth. Title We Move, and out now exclusively on Beatport

Cataclysmic mind control (includes a free song and party poppers) and…Mother Rose exclusive on Weatherall’s 6 Live show tomoz night….


So I have returned from my American adventure with a stetson, a new mind and some new boots. My adventure began in Chicago, led me to Miami where I witnessed the possible beginnings of the end of the world, and then on to Austin<Texas. My first visit to such a great city, and boy was it fun. Classic stormed Kingdom nightclub with music, dancing and a huge amount of comedy…I then returned to Chicago for some R N R and a whole stack of unseasonal sunshine. I am now back in sunny Barnet, mowing the lawn, painting the fences and trying to get my ears to pop.

As it is a glorious day I thought I would furnish you all with a free hi resolution unreleased instrumental of a remix. It’s unmastered but playable. Either dig it or don’t dig it…it’s yours anyway.

In other news. My new project with Andy Neal under the guise of “Mother Rose ” is getting a world exclusive on Andrew Weatherall’s 6 Live show, tomorrow night at 10PM UK time. He will be playing our cover of the Rolling Stones ” Paint it Black” (yes really) which will be released on single #2. Single#1 will be in selective stores Monday week. Here is a song from EP #1


A left my heart at wounded knee….

Hey folks, its been a minute.  About to hit the road and head to Miami and SXSW….massively excited to visit Austin for the first time…Also time for my Chicago fix.

New stuff around shortly music wise , release on this….


Is imminent, and it will be on vinyl too….

Also uploaded my RA interview which you can listen to here…

I’m out of here with 2 seasons of The Big Bang Theory and a book about Native American

hasta la pasta cheesers….