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Cataclysmic mind control (includes a free song and party poppers) and…Mother Rose exclusive on Weatherall’s 6 Live show tomoz night….


So I have returned from my American adventure with a stetson, a new mind and some new boots. My adventure began in Chicago, led me to Miami where I witnessed the possible beginnings of the end of the world, and then on to Austin<Texas. My first visit to such a great city, and boy was it fun. Classic stormed Kingdom nightclub with music, dancing and a huge amount of comedy…I then returned to Chicago for some R N R and a whole stack of unseasonal sunshine. I am now back in sunny Barnet, mowing the lawn, painting the fences and trying to get my ears to pop.

As it is a glorious day I thought I would furnish you all with a free hi resolution unreleased instrumental of a remix. It’s unmastered but playable. Either dig it or don’t dig it…it’s yours anyway.

In other news. My new project with Andy Neal under the guise of “Mother Rose ” is getting a world exclusive on Andrew Weatherall’s 6 Live show, tomorrow night at 10PM UK time. He will be playing our cover of the Rolling Stones ” Paint it Black” (yes really) which will be released on single #2. Single#1 will be in selective stores Monday week. Here is a song from EP #1