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Archived DJ mixes from the last 15 years or so…

Here goes nothing.

(Disclaimer: Excuse the tape wobble, the hiss and the occasional train wreck. It’s the thought that counts)

Luke Solomon Home mix 1993 Vol 1. files.me.com/lukesolomon/s32fct.mp3

Luke Solomon Girls FM Jan 1995 Part 1 files.me.com/lukesolomon/wkd5in.mp3

Luke Solomon Girls FM Jan 1995 Part 2 files.me.com/lukesolomon/qejru0.mp3

Luke Solomon “Stop On By” Shop mix 1993 files.me.com/lukesolomon/g823xv.mp3

Luke Solomon Live mix March 1994 Part 1 files.me.com/lukesolomon/hbplw7.mp3

Luke Solomon Live Mix March 1994 Part 2 files.me.com/lukesolomon/yifb46.mp3

Femi B Live at Space Bar Rumba files.me.com/lukesolomon/gyjlig.mp3

Luke Solomon at Space Bar Rumba  files.me.com/lukesolomon/mlihn8.mp3

Luke Solomon Shop Mix Oct 1994 files.me.com/lukesolomon/3c8ghv.mp3

Luke Solomon odd eclectic bar rumba warm up mix files.me.com/lukesolomon/tugzml.mp3

(NB: I don’t have tracklists as I was pretty much high for the entire decade. So feel free to post them for me.)