Industry # 1 : Some things I have learnt along the way.

I’m bothered.

I am always bothered.

But now I am really bothered.

The music industry that I became part of, and at the same detached myself from 20 years ago, is sending my mind into a state of flux. Now that maybe a “thing” I am going through, trust me, I go through “things” all the time, but it may also be something that a lot of people are going through.

With the advent of social network it is very easy to be a spectator. It’s easy to sit in the stands and observe from afar. Its also easy to form opinions. It’s also easy to share those opinions with the world.

And, well, I guess these are mine.

Now the way I see it is this. In all genres of music there has always been a “mainstream” and an “underground.”

One would never exist without the other, and, they feed each other with ideas, anger, exasperation, enlightenment, and revolution. This has historically always happened.

It wasn’t that long ago that dance music couldn’t get arrested. Guitar bands were at the forefront of popularity and the industry thrived off the rise of bands like the Libertines and the Arctic Monkeys etc etc…..

Whilst this was all going on in the mainstream, dance music was given some time to regroup, re-evaluate, and innovate. Ideas were born, new generations introduced to music they had never heard before, sounds and technology nurtured. Everyone waiting for everything to come back around again. Waiting for that moment

Eventually, as with all musical cultures, the cycle revolved, and that moment arrived.

From a personal point of view, the evolution of house and techno within the underground is at a really inspirational point for me. I am hearing music that is exciting me, inspiring me, and making me feel proud to be a part of something that I can relate to. The industry feels financially optimistic compared to previous years. The rise of vinyl and vinyl only releases has inadvertently created a micro industry with a pool of adventurous music that is not being digitally saturated. A new music that is being given a life and a future that will not be lost in a world of zeros and ones……

Overall I should be feeling positive that we are where we are right now. We we all should be right?


We’re not. We’re angry. Continuously angry. Angry with colleagues. With peers. With journalists and with industry people in general.

As a result of this anger I feel even more disconnected from a world and a community that I have always felt a part of. Why is this…well I am not entirely sure……but I know this,it is fuelled by what I can only describe as a constant barrage of negativity, egomania and jealousy that seems to shower the internet on a minute by minute basis….

This is how I see it….

The mainstream will always exist, why, because it is fuelled by money. The underground will always exist, why, because it is fuelled by creativity. There will be a point were the two meet and the two collide. I choose to be part of the underground because thats where I feel comfortable as an artist. Do I get jealous of others mainstream success, yes, but, that’s only natural, and that gives me the ambition to move forward, develop my skills, and maybe, one day, I will reach dizzying heights and give myself a pat on the back for having achieved all the things I have set out to do….maybe.

Do I feel the necessity to tear apart the success that goes on around me. No. I feel inspired by it. It exists. It fuels my hunger. It helps me quantify my existence. I can laugh and joke about the ridiculous. I can get angry with the ridiculous. But it will always stay ridiculous.

I am getting more angry and frustrated by those that feel that it needs to be a part of their world, and those that they feel the need to tear it apart because they don’t like it and they don’t relate to it. That wasted negativity can be used for far more valuable things. That burst of energy can be used to change things, and in turn, move music forward…..


Love is the answer….

What was the question again?


Luke Solomon June 2012


Foot note:
My words were written and directed at the industry and not at the general public.
I also note that people’s argument is that they are rebelling against music and technology and not success….
I understand that but that us not my point. My issue is with negativity and it’s detrimental affect on life in general.
So before you decide to pick a fight with me, please note my point.