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January Newsletter

The big news is that Classic is back this month. Re-issued
remastered back catalogue, plus new material from both Derrick and
Luke. Luke will be releasing the first single from his new album,
Timelines. The song is titled Interceptor, features Natalie Broomes
on vocals, and will be remixed by Chez Damier, Chris Duckenfield
and Mark E. In other news, Luke has been continuing production work
on new band, Mother Rose. 4 songs in and it is really taking shape.
Luke continues to tour this month, with Japan, Nottingham, Italy
and Israel all coming soon.

December News

The wind down from an interesting year, Luke is preparing to head into a hectic touring couple of months. Currently working on a few major studio projects and preparing some new releases for the launch of the Little Creatures label in the new year. The first single, Mellow Down, co produced by Andy Neal, former member of Howling Wilf. the single will be a vinyl only release featuring a remix from the legendary Danielle Baldelli.
On top of this, Luke has made a conscious effort to avoid remixes and spend more time on original material. His mind was changed when he was contacted by the legendary Billie Ray Martin, who asked for him to remix her new single. Luke ended up saying yes to not one but 2 different singles.
The weekend before xmas will see Luke’s return to his residency at Moxa in Italy for the annual Xmas party, then New Years Eve, he has been asked by Sven Vath to join him at Cocoon, for monster shenanigans.
January sees the announcement of some big news to kick off the new year.
Watch this space.

November Newsletter

Luke has been busy in the studio writing and producing.
Mainly finishing off The Digital Kid album which is all set for release on Classic in the new year, more news then. The Difference Engine Redux is the focus of the moment, and is out now both digitally and physically. Luke continues his residency in Italy at Moxa, and also does a series of gigs in Berlin and London with close friends Derrick Carter and Doc Martin.
Also studio happenings include working with friend Andy Neal and singer Ronnie King, on a single called Mellow Down. It’s a mid tempo affair that is partially live, partially electronic, and will be due for release on Little Creatures in the new year.

Archived DJ mixes from the last 15 years or so…

Here goes nothing.

(Disclaimer: Excuse the tape wobble, the hiss and the occasional train wreck. It’s the thought that counts)

Luke Solomon Home mix 1993 Vol 1. files.me.com/lukesolomon/s32fct.mp3

Luke Solomon Girls FM Jan 1995 Part 1 files.me.com/lukesolomon/wkd5in.mp3

Luke Solomon Girls FM Jan 1995 Part 2 files.me.com/lukesolomon/qejru0.mp3

Luke Solomon “Stop On By” Shop mix 1993 files.me.com/lukesolomon/g823xv.mp3

Luke Solomon Live mix March 1994 Part 1 files.me.com/lukesolomon/hbplw7.mp3

Luke Solomon Live Mix March 1994 Part 2 files.me.com/lukesolomon/yifb46.mp3

Femi B Live at Space Bar Rumba files.me.com/lukesolomon/gyjlig.mp3

Luke Solomon at Space Bar Rumba  files.me.com/lukesolomon/mlihn8.mp3

Luke Solomon Shop Mix Oct 1994 files.me.com/lukesolomon/3c8ghv.mp3

Luke Solomon odd eclectic bar rumba warm up mix files.me.com/lukesolomon/tugzml.mp3

(NB: I don’t have tracklists as I was pretty much high for the entire decade. So feel free to post them for me.)