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This months fave…

Two Dancers, Wild Beasts second album, won me over big time. This time expectations were high. TD was a grower, so had to give this one time. And it did take quite some time. Finally it won me over. It’s not Two Dancers, but has some equally brilliant moments, most of which happen through the middle of the album. I read a review that likened them to The Blue Nile, and they were not far wrong. Not everyones taste, and by no means your usual pop band, but different when the musical world needs different. Deeper is a stone cold classic and you can check it here on my my weekly radio show….. MFF Radio


February Newsletter

After a busy month touring and having a minor leg accident in Tokyo, Luke has used his lack of mobility in the studio, smoking cigars and eating cake. Oh, and making music.
Currently elbow deep in Mother Rose production and 5 songs in. Building kick drums, recording banjos and kids toy instruments, expect electronic rock and roll, and nothing less.
Luke has also finished remixing a single for one of his peers, Woody McBride.
Woody owned the Organico label back in the 90′s that was responsible for releasing the seminal Sound Patrol album by Derrick Carter.
To add to his list of work, Luke is also continuing his These New Things project with Cellist Martin Radford. Having now enlisted the vocal talents of Richard Walters to the band, expect some Classical electronic space music, or something.
And last but not least. Classic. 6 weeks and counting.
Luke will be releasing the first single from his new solo album with remixes by Chez Damier and Mark E on vinyl with exclusive versions, and digital.

That’s all Folks.