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A left my heart at wounded knee….

Hey folks, its been a minute. ¬†About to hit the road and head to Miami and SXSW….massively excited to visit Austin for the first time…Also time for my Chicago fix.

New stuff around shortly music wise , release on this….


Is imminent, and it will be on vinyl too….

Also uploaded my RA interview which you can listen to here…

I’m out of here with 2 seasons of The Big Bang Theory and a book about Native American

hasta la pasta cheesers….

Disco Bloodbath,B@TV, mental flu bidness and no more Daime bars at Ikea…

Well I have just about recovered from a rather extravagant, but really rather awesome night in Leeds that was accompanied by a Snub Nosed Gun fashioned out of a piece of ginger followed by a return to London, and then 2 days in bed feeling more poorly than I did the week before…So, basically this week went out of the window until today. Today has consisted of my preparing for Saturday nights gig at Disco Bloodbath where I have dug deep into the vinyl collection, but was cut short whilst having a Savage Progress moment, when some busy little worker bee cut through a cable in Clifford road, which in turn, muted the studio. Being left in the complete pitch black with out a torch, I sat for 45 minutes contemplating my own navel. I was shocked out of my rather odd day dream by a return to power and a massively loud record blasted into my earholes at the wrong speed.

So the short of it is. I am at Disco Bloodbath on Saturday which is at Passion in N16.

Other than that, and apart from my general failing body, I have also lost the ability to cook food after experimenting with shrimp paste for the first time. On initial opening of the the jar and trying to pair the smell, I proceeded to follow instructions. All the while my brain was telling me that I have been some place before with a similar smell.  30 minutes of cooking, it clicked. Fish food. I decided to stop cooking and place contents in the bin. Remind me never to buy shrimp paste again.

Also, much to everyone’s sadness, Ikea no longer sell them mini Daime Bars, and have replaced them with an Own Brand inferior product.

That’s all for now. I am off for a 20 mile run around the inside of my own mind.


you can catch me on DJ Mags B@TV tonight at 6PM GMT for some music too