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A left my heart at wounded knee….

Hey folks, its been a minute. ¬†About to hit the road and head to Miami and SXSW….massively excited to visit Austin for the first time…Also time for my Chicago fix.

New stuff around shortly music wise , release on this….


Is imminent, and it will be on vinyl too….

Also uploaded my RA interview which you can listen to here…

I’m out of here with 2 seasons of The Big Bang Theory and a book about Native American

hasta la pasta cheesers….

Leeds n’ that

Back once again…. Massive hugs to Cartullis peeps for last weekend. Amazing party. Massive thumbs down to the 20 mph speed camera on Tower Bridge though.

This weekend I am in Leeds to celebrate the release of my single on EAR


And also you can hear me talk about life the universe and everything on Resident Advisor’s Exchange (click on image for link)



That’s All Folks